Artistic approach

Body consciousness has played a intimate role in my life since childhood.
A body can make you suffer, but is also a major source of freedom and joy.

Quite naturally and rapidly, body sculpting became a key source of inspiration for my work.

When creating models in terracotta or stone, I always search for those magical lines which will draw attentive eyes and a gentle touch. My work can be viewed from all sides and is designed to convey peace, poetry and sensuality.

But where do I start?

An initial inspiration: when fleeting ideas come to mind: ideas that I try to capture immediately in my sketch book.

And then comes that moment of contemplation, with the raw clay or stone seated before me: a moment which leads me to that exhilarating process of transformation.

Dynamics appear in exchanges between method and intuition. What a pleasure it is to invite all those unforeseen senses to express themselves.

My studio also serves as a laboratory to test different materials. Everything can be a source of inspiration and creation – I still recall the fun I had back in 2016, experimenting with vinyl records..

My work invites the visitor to explore his or her inner self: proximity, distance, kindness …

Rather like a mirror, these sculptures project us back into our most dearly guarded secrets: those very intimate realms of beauty, of gentleness, of love and all those emotions that has survived the tests of time.

Take a moment to pause and reflect upon that inner wealth: gift yourselves with a private and precious “tête à tête”!

And beyond stimulating such reflexions, my creations are there to help generate equilibrium between external reality that we encounter on a daily basis: fugacity, superficiality, aggression and distortion … and those amazing strengths that we all have deep inside: stability, serenity and beauty…


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