Dotty makes it clear that beauty is still a highly prized quality in contemporary French art”.

Maurice Taplinger (Gallery and Studio magazine)



A figurative sculptress, Dotty expresses her talent and love of life by creating her works in a poetic and symbolic style. This inventive plastic artist signes her bronze and stone pieces with her individual stamp in gold leaf.

Dotty is a contemplative woman : nature inspires and recharges her while human beings are a great matter of interest.

Dotty’s talent was spotted by the French master in direct carving, Petrus who trained her in the 3 D work. From 1998, she is a full time sculptress. She created sensitive nudes which rapidly attracted recognition. Then she extended her sources of inspiration with animals and symbolic works. At the present time she proposes us monumental works which open up a new path for her amazing creativity.

Her work is supported and encouraged by the Société Générale private banking, Traditia patrimony and Château Carbonnieux which have held private exhibitions. Her portraits and sculptures have been privately (Montmartre cemetery, collectores, colleges) and publicly commissioned (French departement). Her works can also be seen in French galleries.

Amongst her masterpieces : Tree of life  which talks about biodiversity . The serie of pieces called « In love Samouraï » to illustrate the past/present link. Dancer with the ribbon, the elephant and mahout and the Diva purchased in a sale at the Hôtel Drouot (Paris)

Dotty was born in Nantes on 21st April, 1969. graduated in languages studies, and obtained an MBA from Leicester University (UK).