On 19th February 2015 thanks to the sale at auction of her “Diva” at the Hôtel Drouot, Dotty has seen 15 years of her professional work officially recognized and rewarded. Fifteen years, during which from Nantes to New York and Paris to Seoul she has built a body of work on these experiences.

A figurative sculptress, Dotty expresses her talent and love of life by creating her works in both stone and bronze, works both poetic and symbolic and often inspired by Asia. All her works are unique and original, signed with her individual stamp in gold leaf.

Today, one can recognize her work by not only its finesse but also the attention paid to the movement and clothing which emphasize the personality and sensuality of the characters. Each one invites us to join in experiencing life: joy, love and contemplation.

The saga of “Samouraï Amoureux” is a good example: three works like three photos in the life of a man illustrating the passing of time and how we are transformed.

Many of her works appear in corporate collections (Aspi-Ouest) and with several collectors. Her work is also supported and encouraged by two major wealth management groups (Société Générale private banking and Traditia) who have held private exhibitions. Her works can also be seen in the Gallery Sous-marin Jaune (Clisson) and the Galerie des Ramparts (Bordeaux).

Amongst her masterpieces, her “Tree of life” mural sculptures in bronze polychrome created in 2015, illustrate the artist’s interest in biodiversity and our origins.

Previously, Dotty devoted her first 15 years to the creation of the human body and portraiture. She created nudes with delicacy and expressiveness which rapidly attracted recognition.

The American critic, Maurice Taplinger (Gallery and Studio) commented in 2012 “Dotty makes it clear that beauty is still a highly prized quality in contemporary French art”.

Her portraits and sculptures have been privately commissioned and can be seen for example at the Lycée Polyvalent de Ploërmel (56) , Collège Lassalian (Clisson 44) and in Montmartre Cemetery (Paris 75).

Dotty was born in Nantes on 21st April, 1969. She was trained by the master sculpter Petrus and graduated with an LEA degree and an MBA from Leicester University (UK).

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