This sculpture in  sand color bronze is part of the 4 sculptures which make the  SAMOURAÏ IN LOVE SAGA.    
Here above how it occured, in my studio, in winter time 2017 :

This Japanese warrior of the 19th century revealed himself during the modeling of a pair which was to be called (la rencontre) The Meeting.  Two or three taps on the soft material and this fighter rose up, of his own accord, without premeditation.

He was there and I worked with him.

I worked quickly and at the same time I positioned the woman who was to face him.

Rearing up, recoiling, distant, she gave me a difficult time.

It’s as if something prevented her from getting close to this samurai.

So I took a break.

I let myself be overcome by their story and slowly this temperamental princess revealed herself.

She had shared a passion with this man a long time ago.  But a betrayal broke her heart and ended their affair.  It was over.

In my studio, the winter of 2017, this samourai gave her a date. A date of reconciliation.

The “rendez-vous”

He is here, firmly anchored as evidenced by the pyramidal shape of his garment and the look in his eyes that leaves no doubt as to his determination.

His torso however, slightly conveys his apprehension.  What if she did not come?  What if she refused a reconciliation?

The beauty does in fact hesitate, as if she is still suffering from the wound.

Her whole attitude shows her mistrust.

The movement of her dress, her hand suspended, her upper body recoiling, all testify to her indecision.

But they talk to each other.

In this duet all is said with the look.

Will she let herself be won back?

The reconciliation

And yes, they forgave each other.

Here they are entwined in a dance, complicit and sensual.

Passion betrayed is now buried and has found a new breath of life.

From now on, with infinite tenderness and gentleness the samourai watches over his beloved.

His arms encircle her without smothering her.

Their eyes are the bond which unites them in their reunion.

The beauty rests her hands on the re-found samourai.  It is as if she has found her anchor once more.  She is radiant.

In this duet, the man represents strength and stability.

As a complement, the woman is movement and energy.

The secret


The time passes, the beauty’s hair grows longer.  The samourai has resumed his training.

But something important occurs.

So important that she runs at full speed to him.

Probably she calls to him and he finds himself unsettled.

She brings him a box.

She brings him the key to the puzzle that tore them apart so long ago.

And what if each had been betrayed by others, innocent victims of a plot aimed at breaking up their respective families?

The proof is there, in the box.  She comes to wash away all the suspicion, the dishonor and the pains of the past.

The light shed on these hidden secrets finally brings to an end this period of darkness.  A new life can begin for them together, with confidence and peace.