Artist :
A passion and a mission

Welcome to you, art lovers! 
I create sculptures for you over 21 years now!

> You will find the English version above all the French texts in the various tabs :)

You will find the English version above all
I have been creating in my mind for as long as I can remember. First by giving an interpretation to the things that surrounded me and then with the aim of  translating  in raw material  what words could not express.

The body and the emotions are at the heart of my approach. I work with clay or wax to obtain final bronzes or direct carving on limestone.  Bronzes are always original copies (edition of 8 + 4 maximum)
Stone sculptures are single originals.

My sculptures are created from my strong feelings. I put a lot of intention and energy into them. They offer the viewer a space of freedom and dreams where he can come and recharge his batteries. I wish to awaken your most beautiful emotions to you too !

This beautiful mission makes me want to get up every day and create for you.


I was born in the spring of 1969. My childhood in the Paris region was cradled by the love of a stable and united family from which I drew the strength to face the challenges that life presented me. My trials and tribulations have made me a determined woman, always ready to take on new projects.

As a child, I attended applied arts classes and enjoyed working in volume. At the age of 18, I chose to study in Poitiers, my family's birthplace, and obtained a master's degree in applied foreign languages. My taste for entrepreneurship led me to complete my education with an MBA in England. I began my professional career in two large groups (L'Oréal and Havas) until the day I met the master sculptor Petrus in Paris. This was the trigger and the beginning of my professional reorientation.

In 1998, I moved to Nantes where I "settled" as an artist. My nudes in bronze and stone quickly find their public. Soon, my work is recognized by professionals and my Diva is sold at public auction at the Hotel Drouot. In 2007, I moved to the vineyards of Nantes, in Clisson. My work evolves. It is willingly inspired by Asia and questions the visitor on identity and complementarity. I exhibit this work as far as New York and Seoul. In 2018, I explore the large format and create life-size works. This is the birth of Iris the Traveler and Dancer with a Ribbon which will be exhibited at Château Carbonnieux in Léognan. Then comes the public recognition. Loire Atlantique Grand-Patrimoine asks me to create stone sculptures for an interactive project for the Lemot Museum in Clisson.


A new turn!

After a bout with cancer, I decided to start a new life in Bordeaux, thus reconnecting with my geographical and viticultural origins.

Hosted in residence by the Perrin family at Château Carbonnieux, I work for them on a personalized sculpture and develop for the general public a collection of painted and sculpted works of surrealist and symbolic inspiration. I welcome you in this beautiful studio-space by appointment.

See you soon...

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